Charter and Event Schedule

McLaughlin Boat Works... The New Charter Experience


The all-new, McLaughlin ProRacers have landed, and we are excited to relaunch this iconic Optimist Dinghy in North America. Our charter program is up and running and we are looking forward to supporting North American Optimist sailors with gear, parts and exceptional on-the-ground regatta support at local, national and international events!

About the fleet:

  • New ProRacers Hulls: Our charter fleet is exclusively ProRacers and is turned more frequently than other fleets, ensuring you always have the best boat
  • Customized Kit-Out: Mainsheet, spars, blades, rigging, hiking straps... we will kit out your boat the way you want it in advance of the event!
  • Smaller Charter Fleets: Smaller number of boats available at each event to ensure the best possible on-the-ground regatta support experience!
  • Sail, Parts & Gear Discounts: Charter customers receive 10% off sail, spars, rigging, gear.... all your sailing essentials delivered to the event!
  • Team/ Multiple Event Discounts: Discounts for chartering at multiple events and/or teams chartering more than 4 boats per event!

What about truck boats?

We have spent the last few months asking questions and listening to your feedback. We are proud to introduce an alternative to the traditional truck boat program that saves you money and ensures your sailor always has access to the best boat, kitted out to their personal liking.

  • No need to own 2 boats or deal with the logistics of always having your only boat on the trailer, giving you the freedom to train where and when you want!
  • No need to worry about your event boat and/or personal gear getting lost or damaged in transport!
  • Boat is customized to your preference. Hiking strap, rigging, mainsheet... anything that makes the sailor feel at home in the boat!
  • Your choice of masts (down to the individual mast, boom, and sprit) and blades!
  • Want to try a stiffer boom or a different daggerboard? We can accommodate those individual requests!
  • Leave the routine maintenance and ding repair to us. Boats are inspected between events so your boat is always in top notch condition.
  • Our charter fleet is exclusively ProRacers and is turned much more frequently than other fleets, meaning you are ALWAYS getting an event boat in the best condition.
  • Charter for 3 or more events per calendar year and the price per event (with spars and blades) is $350... comparable to the cost of current truck boat program.

What is included with my charter:

Optimist Charters include a fitted hull, bailers, praddle, mast lock, top cover and dolly. Spars and/or Blades can be added for an additional fee.  

  • McLaughlin ProRacer fitted Hull: $400
  • N1 or DSK Foils in Foil Bag: $50
  • Spars (BlackGold, MK3, or MK4): $50
  • Sails and Rigging can be purchased at a 10% discount and delivered to the event.
  • Remember… book 3 or more charters at one time and the cost is only $350 per regatta, including spars and blades!